Teacher Ideas

The following ideas submitted by teachers have been sorted into various topics:
*Material Organization
*Home-to-School Connection

To submit your idea, please write an email through our Contact page.  We will reach out to you for further information if we add your idea.  Please include your contact information so we can send you a gift card!

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The Activity ideas have subcategories:
*Extension – An extension is any idea that further develops a skill, adds a challenge to the practice or includes a follow-up activity to lengthen an activity’s time.
*Modification – A modification is implemented to alter an activity for children who cannot meet the skill level of the activity.
*Accommodation – An accommodation helps support children who are working at the appropriate level but need help to remain on track or work within that skill level.
*Alternate Idea – An alternate idea is a completely new way to use an Express Readers’ material.