Steps 1-3 is a Kindergarten foundational reading curriculum that teaches consonants and short vowels, as well as blends, digraphs, and two syllable words. Through drawing, writing, and hands-on activities and games, your child will become a strong foundational reader. The love of reading will grow with each engaging, decodable book. Children will not only learn HOW to read, but they will learn how to understand and interpret what they are reading.

Included Materials:

  • 20 phonics books
  • Practice Pages, Step 1
  • Practice Pages, Step 2 and Step 3
  • Tool Kit, Step 1
  • Tool Kit, Step 2 and Step 3
  • Couple Cards, Steps 1-3
  • Mat Match, Steps 1-3
  • Silly Sentences, Steps 1-3
  • Sticky Word Display Cards, Steps 1-3
  • Step Themes, Steps 2-3
  • Parent Planner
  • Parent Guidebook
  • The Student Activities Book
  • Alphabet Card and Alphabet Sound Board