• The Alphabet Checklist is an 11x8.5 hard card, uv-coated, double-sided manipulative.
  • With the Consonant Play Book, students learn phonics and letter recorgnition through movement, play, and imagination. Bug guides all of the characters through activities for each consonant letter sound on a visual and kinesthetic adventure!
  • Materials Included:
    • 5 sets of 34 books
    • 3 sets of 3 games (Mat Match, Couple Cards, Silly Sentences)
    • 40 sets of consumables (mixed) (5 Step 1, 25 Steps 2-3, 10 Steps 4-5)
      • 40 Tool Kits
      • 40 Practice Pages
    • 1 set of classroom visuals (Alphabet Cards, Alphabet Sound Boards, Sticky Word Display Cards, Color/Number Cards, Step Themes)
    • 1 Teacher's Collection
      • The Student Activities Book
      • The Teacher's Guidebook
      • The Teacher Planners (Green, Blue, and Orange)
  • The I Am Ready Book Set contains 4 books with simple sentences, consonant-vowel-consonant words, and short vowels. Two of the books are at the level of Step 1 for students who need extensions.
  • I Am Ready Practice Pages (Bound) is the first workbook in the Express Readers' series. It is a combination of Practice Pages and Tool Kit material. The pages cover basic handwriting, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, basic phonics, CVC words, and simple blending. There are black and white books for each short vowel, 2 simple readers, and the 4 phonics readers included in the I Am Ready program. (322 pages)
  • The Complete Teacher's Collection is the curriculum for a year of TK or Pre-K, covering standards for all foundational reading skills. The program gives all students a fun entry into reading and phonics by using play, movement, and imagination. The collection includes all 3 resources described below, as well as a flashdrive with all reproducible materials for easy printing and access to our consistently updated DropBox.
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