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The “I Am Ready” Program


The “I Am Ready” Program is based on language acquisition, letter and sound exposure, pre-reading skills and a variety of activities that promote a real world understanding of basic phonics.  Play, imagination and movement are integral parts of the program.  This material was created to prepare learners to begin reading, yet the product includes CVC words and some content similar to Step 1 for those students who require further progression.


I Am Bug

 Practice Pages:
(a.k.a. The Ready Pages)

Each child has their own Practice Pages, although many of the activities are intended as a class or small group exercise. The activities practice such skills as listening, phonemic awareness, rhyming, and sound recognition.

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Displays & Games:

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Sound Cards
Alphabet Checklists
Sticky Word Cards
Sticky wordsSticky wordsSticky wordsSticky wordsSticky wordsSticky words
Alphabet Book
Alphabet Book    
Alphabet Display
Alphabet Display    
Road To Writing
Road to Writing  

Class Books:

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Teacher’s Collection:

The Teacher’s Collection has many useful elements, all created by other teachers for a more comprehensive, relative feel.

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