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Assessments are vital to our understanding of the specific skills and needs of our students, yet the process can be tedious for teachers and overwhelming for students. The Express Readers’ Online Assessment was produced and tested by teachers to ensure that all elements support teachers and help avoid over-testing our students. There is no perfect solution or “fix” for assessments, but Express Readers’ team created an assessment that excludes obstacles and includes as many time-savers as possible.

Children read from a paper copy that can be printed once a teacher logs in. Pre-made copies of the paper Student Copy can be bought upon request. Teachers use a tablet or computer to record answers, and the Online Assessment does the rest! No need to enter scores, compile class records or search through data for progress counts and program placement.

The online assessment assists the teacher by placing children within the Express Readers Program, giving record of the current skills of students, and organizing all data automatically.

All parts of the assessment can be easily started, stopped, and resumed. Prompts are given within the assessment to help teachers and assessors identify what sections to complete and what sections are best skipped based on the skills of the student.

Some of the online features:

*Easily printed records
*Reports that can be exported as an Excel file or saved as a PDF file
*Supported on all tablets or desktops
*Secure teacher and school accounts