Kindergarten & First Grade


Steps 1-5


K-1 is assembled in one program, because a diverse span is created among children through the very first years of learning to read. The process of blending and the task of finding meaning in text is acquired at very different speeds. Classrooms and teachers need a larger collection of materials in order to meet the assorted needs among our students today.


Express Readers’ books have a special format, positive storylines, very few sight words, and relatable, lovable characters. Click here to read Bug Has a Hut.Click here to read Pig At The Beach.

  • cvc words

    Step 1: CVC words (consonant – short vowel – consonant)

  • blends

    Step 2: blends (short vowels)

  • consonant digraphs

    Step 3: Consonant Digraphs (ch, sh, th, -tch)
    2 Syllable Words, “-ng” and “-nk”

  • sneaky e

    Step 4: Sneaky “e” (long vowels)

  • vowel teams

    Step 5: Vowel Teams (long vowels)

Practice Pages & Tool Kits

Each child gets a SET of consumables based on their individual needs. The Practice Pages are the specific phonics practice with embedded reading comprehension practice. The Tool Kits are a collection of all the phonics books in a black & white format, as well as reading comprehension activities for EACH book.

Click any cover to see samples of the contents.

Displays & Games

  • Couple Cards
  • Mat Match
  • Silly Sentences
  • Sticky Word Cards
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Step Themes
  • Alphabet Display
  • Road to Writing

Teacher’s Collection

The Teacher’s Collection has many useful elements, all created by other teachers for a more comprehensive, relative feel.

Click any cover to see samples of the contents.