Express Readers will be adding videos throughout the 2019-2020 school year in the hopes of helping teachers use the program with greater ease. Let us know if you have any ideas or hopes for this How-To page so we can tailor it to the needs of all of our teachers.

“Full Explanations” are videos that describe the materials, the directions, the extensions, examples of student work and more. Watch these videos for a more complete picture of the activity or material.
“Quick Directions” are the fast review of how to use the materials or do the activity in the simplest manner. “In The Classroom” shows videos and samples of how the product or activity is used in the classroom.
“Activity Instructions” explain how to complete a specific activity using a certain resource, often including real photos or video examples. “Definitions” are the explanation of a topic or concept within the Express Readers’ Program.

The length of each video is noted beneath for convenience.

Silly Sentences

Mat Match

Sticky Words

Silly Stories

Tool Kits

Practice Pages

Consonant Play Book

Picture Find Book

Couple Cards

Sound Cards