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Express Readers is a secular program and can be purchased through most home study programs. Please check with your charter school or educational consultant to see if you can use the Express Readers’ program with your child today!

Teaching reading and learning to read can be an incredible adventure; Express Readers wants to help you and your child have a wonderful experience. Through daily lesson plans, flexible time schedules, easy overview calendars and multiple options, parents can learn how to effectively teach their child without all the stress of planning and understanding complicated programs. With fun games and engaging stories (with positive messages), children can learn how to read through laughter and enjoyable activities.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to read testimonials from some of the homeschool families using the Express Readers’ Homeschool Kits!

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I saw Express Readers at a homeschool convention. Among all the big-name homeschool programs, this one really stood out to me. I could see how special it was right away. I knew I just had to buy it for my kindergartner! My daughter loves Express Readers! It is so fun! She loves the stories, the art work, and the fun activities. I’ll use Express Readers again with my son when he is older too. This is one of the best homeschool purchases I’ve ever made!

C. A., Homeschool Mom

My daughter has really enjoyed learning to read using this curriculum. We are still on step 1 and by the time we got to reading the first book, she read it without any difficulty.  She doesn’t complain about working on her reading and has enough confidence to go around trying to sound out words wherever she sees them.  To be honest, even though it made sense after discussing it with you at the CHEA conference, I was still a little concerned about being part of the pilot group.  Fortunately, I’m extremely happy with it and would recommend it to others. 

V. S., Homeschool Mom

I have lots of homeschooling friends, and I have raved about this program to them.  I was really ready to purchase another tried and true curriculum, but yours really nabbed me and I’m glad it did.  One of the goals I have as a homeschooling momma is to make learning a joy.  Your books have already proven that my daughter loves to read, and I attribute some of that to your fun characters.

K. L., Homeschool Mom

This is awesome that you’re doing this.  I wish I could be there.  I am loving your program.  B and I were struggling with the old program we used and now he loves to do his reading.  We are currently working on step 3 and I can’t wait to see steps 4 & 5. Thank you for offering this fun program.  All the email update information is great too.  I love your heart for the kids and parents teaching them.  Keep up the GREAT work!!!

K.C., Homeschool Mom

First of all, we’re loving Express Readers! It was a slow start for us, getting acquainted with the program but with your helpful Lesson Plans it was so much easier to navigate & to get into a groove. G loves the sticky words and activities (fly swat, cards on the floor, jumping, tunes, etc.) and of course the darling characters in the books. She’s given voices to each of them. It all makes learning so very fun, attractive, and helps her stay focused while retaining easily what she’s learning because the program includes so many ideas for the auditory, visual & kinesthetic learner. I think G is all three! I wish I had a video when we took the books to my 87 year old dad’s house to read the books to him. His face had such delight & she was so cute reading it to him with such feeling.

I think that the worksheets are not just “busy work” but great reinforcements & review for lessons being learned.  I’m very happy with the program. My daughter B (a previous kindergarten teacher) and myself highly recommend Express Readers for both the classroom (would be such fun with lots of kids involved in the activities) and for the fledging homeschool family with no previous teaching experience, but who wish to bring the best to their child in the home environment.

S.B., Homeschool Grandmother

I am so glad I invested in Express Readers for my kindergartener this year.  It’s been absolutely perfect for her!  We are both having so much fun, which makes school time something we both look forward to!  She has come to know and love the little characters and giggles while reading about them and drawing them.  I’ve been so impressed with the curriculum because not only is it totally cute, enjoyable, and simple to use, but every activity is purposeful.  It doesn’t take long to do school each day, but my daughter has learned so much!  I highly recommend this top-notch program!

S.N., Homeschool Mom