Approach & Program Structure

Express Readers began with very specific mission …
to engage students and to support teachers.

Express Readers is a phonics-based foundational reading program designed for TK to 2nd grade students. Literacy is dependent on acquisition of language and knowledge of the building blocks that generate words. Express Readers provides early success for all young readers.

Express Readers offers solutions to accommodate the variety of student needs. All the tools and materials needed to teach phonics, reading, and reading comprehension are included. In addition, the program includes ongoing teacher support throughout the school year.

Express Readers is centered on phonics-based books, and teacher-created materials. The program is divided into Steps, allowing students to progress at an individual pace while mastering foundational skills.

Each book contains very few sight words, known as “sticky words.” The process of clearly stating “sticky words” prior to reading the text allows students to gain confidence in reading using the tools they have been taught. Once these tools are mastered, students feel confident reading independently. Students make big strides when they are instilled with confidence. Express Readers gives students the opportunity to succeed.

Which program fits MY students’ needs?


Express Readers’ Programs establish a strong foundation for successful, engaged readers.

Each of our lesson plans provides accommodations, modifications and extensions.

The I Am Ready Program and Step 6 are the bookends of our spectrum, yet each program encompasses support of diverse needs.

Our Story train-300x213

Express Readers began in the classroom and grew along side children.  The stories and concepts sprouted from a frustration in the availability of books and products geared towards the interests and needs of our current students.

Express Readers believes in our teachers, understanding the incredible amount of elements that go into each classroom.  We continue to listen to teachers and consistently create materials to support a diverse spectrum of students’ needs AND educators essentials.

Express Readers believes that children will love reading if the process is simplified, the obstacles are removed and the stories are engaging.