An entirely teacher-created, K-1 English Language Arts program that encourages confidence and enthusiasm in young learners.

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Schools and School Districts:

Express Readers is an all-inclusive reading program,
with a focus on individual student needs

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Home School Families:

Come along for the ride with Express Readers,
for a fun reading experience, child and parent!

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Express Readers Features:

Engaging Characters
Engaging Characters
Positive Storylines
Positive Storylines
Sticky words
Very few “Sticky words”
Phonic rules
Easy and Fun ways
to describe Phonic rules
Practice Pages
Practice Pages developed
over time with the aid
of a variety of young learners
Comprehension practice
to develop recall
skills and reflection
Consistency throughout
to allow learning through
comfort and familiarity
Hands on Activities
Hands on Activities
and games to help
engage the learners
Coming Soon
Coming Soon….
Online games with progress
tracking and an iPad app.